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Why Me

Why choose Hollywood Trainer over others online?

There is a huge amount of choice online so thank you for taking the time to check me out.

What makes me different from all the others?

The difference is you are truly getting an online PERSONAL trainer!

The service I provide to you is the same service I provide my personal clients in Hollywood. From the very start you will be speaking to me directly and we will be working together each day to each week to get you to your dream body or fitness goals.

I’ve been a top trainer now for a long time and have helped countless clients achieve their goals. I’ve helped number one girl bands prepare for world tours and TV and movie stars prepare for film and TV roles.

The reason for their success is constant personal interaction with me from training to nutrition. The body is not a simple machine with a one size fits all plan, it’s also not a robot from where I can push a button and you get in great shape. If it was that easy we’d all be super fit, toned and healthy!

My job is to help you understand nutrition (NO DIETS), build a workout based on YOUR body and YOUR goals and keep you motivated and on track.

It might seem strange to say as a trainer but the smallest part of my Job is done in the gym, a lot of my job is how I help you when you’re not in the gym. From helping clients pick a good meal choice from a restaurant to helping my clients understand that they can have a fun life with cakes or wine and STILL be healthy and in great shape.

What is the biggest difference from other cheaper sites?

The biggest difference is the relationship we’ll develop from training with me. You won’t be passed onto an “expert” after you’ve paid your money, a lot of the sites that advertise personal training usually means they are the face of the company but you will have very little contact with the celebrity trainer if any at all and other people will deal with you and your program.

With my site I’M your trainer the whole way through. My success as a personal trainer comes from getting to know a client’s body and needs, what they struggle with and how they best respond to motivation. That only comes from one on one work together.

When you Skype it’s my face you’ll see every time and only myself replying to your emails and texts. Its this relationship that will guarantee your results.

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