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Refer a Friend Program

Refer a Friend

It’s my experience that without a doubt the more support in your quest to be fit and healthy the faster the results can be and the longer they last.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve trained many loan warriors and they have all achieved amazing shape, but if you can take these fitness steps with a friend or two it can make it not only a much more fun experience but a better recipe for success. You can be there pushing each other, but more importantly when one of you is having a bad day or struggling the other is there to help and vice versa.

That’s one of the great experiences you’ll have with me as your trainer, it will be our regular contact and Skype sessions. I’m going to be there all the way to support you but sadly I can’t be there every minute so the more support the better.

I’m sure during the many diets and fitness plans you’ve tried it can often feel like you’re on your own, sometimes even truly isolated. One of the reasons I can stay in shape and train for triathlons and other events I do, is I surround myself with like minded people who are doing the same things it makes such a difference.

My only desire in the work I do with you is that it’s a complete success. I love to see you change and become happier and more confident, no longer held back by weight or health. The excitement you get when you achieve another goal, it’s why I do this job it’s so rewarding!

So, if you refer a friend to help you in this journey as a thanks your monthly cost goes down $25 per friend up to two friends. That cuts your monthly cost by 50% AND gets your friends involved to be your support so you can all be in it together.